SkinBag is not only a material, it is also a particular way to design objects. They are made in one seamless piece and are recognizable for their organic aspect.

SkinBag offers a vast potential of applications allowing a multitude of possibilities to designers and professionals of all fields : fashion, decoration, interior architecture, furniture, automobile, jewelry, shoes…
As an innovative and reactive material, SkinBag can also be used by artists who want to integrate it into their own creations.

The SkinBag team is opened to any collaboration to develop new projects and products.

It is possible to integrate all types of small objects, particularly the range of digital components, with SkinBag.

Available in all colors, including two-toned.

It is also possible to personalize the texture with “scarifications” such as inscriptions or drawings.



Collaborations :


> SB-power pouf with Anne Valérie Gasc - www.documentsdartistes.org/gasc
> SB-soliflore with José Spaan
> SB-flower extension and SB-tronc connexion with
Justine Demas
> SB-head bag with David Gil - www.passport-number.net
> SB-skull bracelet with Marc Gassier - www.marcgassier.fr

> SB-wedding dress with Lucie Mestre
> SB-niqab and SB-pouf with Monica Gattari


Internships :

2008 : Justine Demas (FR) - www.justinedemas.com
2009 : Jennifer Burger (US) - www.jennifer-burger.com

2010 : Lucie Mestre (FR)
2010 : Monica Gattari (IT)
2012 : Alice Balloy
2014 : Mélanie Delamotte
2015 : Yesenia Trobbiani


Creations from others
with SkinBag material :

2008 : Jake Kubisz (USA)
2009 : Céline Bourd (London-UK)
2009 : Max Vers (London-UK)
2010 : Scarlett Rouge
2010 : Lauren (Singapore)
2010 : Erik Bergrin (USA)

> Thanks to those which used SkinBag material to send us images of their creations.


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