SkinBag is a synthetic skin recognizable by its wrinkled texture and organic appearance.

Presented by a variety of trendsetters, the SkinBag material is referenced in international material libraries :
Material ConneXion - MateriO - Transmaterial

SkinBag exists in different raw materials and each one has it's own specificities.

It is possible to integrate all types of small objects,particularly the range of digital components, with SkinBag.

Available in all colors, including two-toned for some membranes.
It is also possible to personalize the texture with “scarifications” such as inscriptions or drawings.


The membranes created to date are :

> SB-micro- polyurethane
flexible, stretchable, breathable, light, silky
thickness : 0,2 - 0,4 mm / .007 - .015 inch
can be sewn and glued

Inclusion of veins in option

> SB-nat - latex - natural rubber
flexible, stretchable, translucent or opaque (depending on the thickness and color), hermetic, biodegradable
not appropriate for long exposure to sunlight or intensive cleaning
thickness : 0,4 - 2 mm / .015 - .08 inch
can be glued

> SB-pro- polyurethane
flexible, opaque, possibility of two toned, hermetic
50 ShA
thickness : 0,5 - 2 mm / .02 - .08 inch
can be sewn and glued

> SB-trans - polyurethane or silicone
flexible, stretchable, transparent or translucent, hermetic
20 ShA
thickness : 0,5 - 2 mm / .02 - .08 inch
can be glued

*All these membranes are flammable

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