Helen’s overall - London - May 2003

" When I entered the workshop, I was immediately attracted to the SB OuterClothing I tried on the waistcoats, The skinbag vest had a very sensual feeling when I put it on my own skin

The apron is one size and the closing mechanism is very unique. it san ubilical cord fixed to a metal ring.

I tested the apron first over my sweater but then opted to apply it directly to my opulent breasts; I m am happy I did so as the feeling was tremendous?

I felt the caress of this double skin it was a little cold at first , but it quickly sent soft shivers and the heat overwelmed my skin. I feared the verdict of the mirror, I did not know wether to hide or expose myself,

I ended up looking at my reflection in the mirror, and it was a revelation. I was sensual, attractive and i was changed, I was now beautiful. My breasts felt like they were being held by the soft texture of the SkinBag , Me who usually wears baggy t shirts and sweaters. No more. I was finally revealed to myself."




  Chloé and its SB-élegance - Paris - April 2002

"I ordered of them one and the first time that I trotted myself with I had the impression to take part in an installation. Because on the side work of art already: each bag single and is numbered, to go towards a maximum personalization. During the manufacturing process of the inscriptions, dedications, text, images or logos which characterize the sleeping partner are inserted in the matter like tattooings. And then also because the reactions are enough sharp, that the glances related to this object let suppose a shock followed of a reflexion.

To the Department store of the corner people stopped me, disconcerted. It was strange. I had become in spite of me the component of a performance of a new kind, body art loan-with-to carry. But this feeling did not last. Probably because I spend more time in the coffees of mémés than in the evenings arty, 24 hours after my acquisition SkinBag had become an accessory, certainly singular, but a simple accessory in oneself. Completely integrated into my dressingroom. Its functional aspect was essential, the latex being definitely lighter than leather. Such a flexible matter allows of y fourguer one quintal of furbished, and that it is always pleasant trimballer with the bag of Mary Poppins. "



  Estelle and her SB-jacket - Paris - February 2003

" I am a model, I am used to wear the most glamorous clothes in the world.. With SB,it was as if I had been struck by lightning. It’s the first time that I found clothing that reveals my body all while modifying it ionly slightly.

I love grunge accessories and I have both piercings and tattoos ... it feels great.! It gave me a silhouette that I had never seen before.

I bought a model old skin that did not fit at all with my present wardobe."




Hans and his SB-twin - Bruxelles - August 2004

"The purchase of my Sb-twin was a a little compulsif. I was on the Net with my daughter who is always well-informed what has just left. She shown me the SkinBag site. The concept sediuced. She finished me convincing that I could need a bag like that, one to put my papers, my phon, my keys... I lose my business unceasingly... well, I don’t regret it.

I must tell you that I need time before putting it to leave, I feared the remarks of my colleagues and friends. Good, there is which found that a little strange, but the majority find that excel.

I want to offer a Sb-kabas black to my wife for her next birthday..."




  Inge and my SB-urban - Berlin - December 2001

"I purshase my SkinBag backpack for its functionality. It is light and super flexible, I can put it everywhere. It looks small because it’s not cumbersome, but its look kills all. The guys wash me serious and if I want a glance is enough to connect it and begin the discussion.

With time, it completely entered my life, like an animal of compagnie."




Fab and its SB-pouch - Lyon - March 2003

" I definitively adopted my testicle (Sb-pouch). I love its contact, its form, its touched, It is stupid, but its presence reassures me, its odor makes it friendlier and more alive. I love also the glance of the others related on it, and me thus. "


Ertu and its SB-skirt - London - March 2006

naked my flesh would be indecent
under glances / provocative latex shock eyes

skin on me, silky, elastic, soft, stretched
skin on me, exhibition to all
skin on me, around my body
surfing the net an evening, amazed, a skirt to wear
a click... contact established
waiting, patience
my gift arrives, tried and show off in the streets...



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