Your SkinBag is an “organic pet” that deserves all your attention.
It loves being put on stage, to be seen and talked about.
If you take proper care of it, it can live long.

Nowadays, SkinBag is produced primarily in latex, except for the bracelets, belts and special requests that are produced in polyurethane.

The polyurethane SkinBag doesn’t need special care, though it is  better to roll it rather than to fold it.

For the latex SkinBag, it is best to follow these rules to insure longevity :

• Keep your SkinBag away from a long exposure to sunlight and do not place near sources of heat. Sun rays will darken its skin coloration and will harden it.

• When not using your SkinBag, keep it in an airtight plastic bag. In open air,
its skin lightens. This oxydation means you have neglected it.
Should this happen, caress it, or to bathe it to give it a new life.

Cleaning and general maintenance

• If your SkinBag is stained or dirty, it needs to be washed with lukewarm water
and mild soap. Rinse fully prior to drying.
• Do not put in washer and dryer.
• A talcum powder may be used once it is dry.

In case of prolonged contact with water or perspiration, the latex will become milky. This will dissapear with drying. Contact with liquids or humid environments
does not damage the skin whatsoever.

Warning. Latex can cause allergies.
Most common forms are rashes and redness.

> Download the SB-maintenance .pdf
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