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SB- corps.ext


SB- social condom 1


SB- kabas 1

SB-kabas 2

SB- classic 1

SB- animal

SB- identity


SB- pouch 2

SB- mono

SB- vest 1

SB- vest 2

skirt & long-line bra

SB- head bag 1

SB- power pouf


SB- tatoo


SB- social condom 2

SB- élégance 1

SB- élégance 2


SB- classic 2


SB- twin-1

SB- pouch 1


SB-identity & SB-pouch 2


SB- pouch 3


SB- computer

jacket & élégance

SB- jacket-1


SB- kabas 3

SB- head bag 2

SB- flower extention


SkinBag is a material created by Olivier Goulet, a french transmedia artist whose vision is in the crossroads of activism and human design.

The SkinBag family is made up of synthetic skin, bags, accessories and overgarments with distinctive folded texture, flexible material, and seamless organic appearance. You can view the SkinBags as bodily extensions ; external organs which serve as holdalls for items we have around us.

A carrier of mutation, SkinBag symbolizes the ambivalence between the natural and the artificial, the instinctive and the optimized, and foresee the fusion between the digital and the organic.

SkinBag is an invitation to explore ourselves and our environment. It is created as a guide to human mutation, that painful journey from egocentric individualism towards an optimal collective identification and networking. 


Second skins

While the traditional garment turns our skin appearance into a fabric appearance, the SkinBags seek to look more lifelike. The SkinBags thus offer our social bodies a novel, including our dress and our communicational organs (money, keys, telephone, organiser…) a new form of nudity. The idea is to produce a fresh skin that defines the broader outline of our character and our image.

SkinBag is a relational tool, a vehicle of sensuality for touch as well as a way to question the alchemy between the captivating and the repulsive.

Some see SkinBags as ‘portable placentas’ and perceive the straps to resemble umbilical cords. At first, some viewers may refuse contact with the objects while others are able to step past this initial discomfort and find a fascintion in this type of bi-power.

Where in our unconscious mind does SkinBag appeal to produce such reactions? The answer is found in the way in which we accept or not, the organic side of our body. That disturbing feeling of apprehension towards organisms evoking the functions of the living.

The attraction becomes instinctive, like the contact with a baby or a familiar animal, pleasure tinted with surprise at the idea of taming it.


Whether a limited series, or made to measure, each SkinBag is hand crafted.

Limited editions:

Until recently, the SB–Identity and the SB–pouch have been created in limited editions. These two models are now available in 6 colors ( RedSkin, BlackSkin …) exclusively in selected stores and on

SB-identity is a discrete and practical handbag which can contain your personal belongings needed through out the day or during a night out. Its zipper assures complete confidentiality.

SB–pouch is a mini-bag specially designed to contain coins, keys, tickets ... Thanks to its snap-hook, it is an easy to carry accessory-organ. You can suspend it on your belt-loops, handbag strap, SB-belt ...

SB–elegance and SB-kabas are handbags inspired from the classics.

SB-belts and SB-bracelets completes this range of accessories, closer to the body.

On request :
Each person has specific needs and desires, SkinBag proposes a selection of para-organic items encouraging individuality.

For those who believe, a bag is not just a bag but an ever evolving body extension, SB-classic, SB-urban, SB-mono, SB-twin, SB-animal, SB-head bag are available on request.

Also available on request, the SB–computer and SB-camera cases are the skin of our digital-organs. They forecast the bionic organs of the future.

Furthermore, for those who are in search of the unique, they are free to create their own SkinBag desings. They just have to get in touch with Olivier Goulet, who will guide them through the process of creating their own organ-accesory.

OuterWear made to measure :
The SB-vest, SB-jacket, SB-skirt and SB-overall are seen as skins turned inside-out to reveal our muscles, a kind of scalp that refers back to the idea of moulting. The notion of human mutation is here brought about by the will to take on a new appearance.

Objets :
SkinBag recently developed a design series, including a chair (power-pouf) and vases (SB-flower extension, SB-trunk connexion …).

SkinBag per meter :
Because of numerous demands by artists, architects and designers who wanted to integrate SkinBag in their own creations, SkinBag samples are now available in sheets of 100 x 120 cm (39,4 x 47,2 in).

More conscience

SkinBag is a suggestion of artistic thoughts legitimetly integrated into the field of contemporary fashion.

Olivier Goulet explains : "To investigate appearance in everyday life becomes a social and even political statement. I’m interested in defining tomorrow’s man.”

Today, technology has become indispensable in our day to day life. According to Olivier, "SkinBag is a symbolic step towards the fusion of digital technology and organic matter, which will become a necessity for the survival and development of our conscience."


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